Monday, November 17, 2014

Share your ideas

Which feature would you like to see in this Ancient Greece Based rpg game?

Please share your thoughts , your likes and dislikes in our comments section.

Our decided features so far:

  • Based in historic facts , real names, real dates , real places.
  • Most major Greek city-states will take part in the game.
  • Game story will take place from 547 BC to ~470BC
  • It will be released in episodes. Starting with "Prologue".
  •  Player will have the ability to choose class and starting city (Some of them)
  • Mythological creatures and monsters.
  • Gods will play some role....Not decided yet the size of it...
  • Real weapons , real armors ..not so real Unit names...but real Emblems and almost real rates for the force of each City State.
  • The only Ancient Greece based RPG atm.
  • Add your ideas plz...

Units primary introduction

There are some samples of units currently being made for  the major City-States :


More Spartans....

Thebans and Corinthians

Athenians , Macedonians , Arcadians , Aetolians and a lot more greek city-states will be present in the game. And of course Persians and Egyptians....

Saturday, November 8, 2014

How will you make all the stuff required for a PC game?

Except the hard work we'll dedicate ourselves , lot of material (some music , some images , some scripts) are provided by the internet , and they are totally free and released from copyright.
In return for this kindness our work will be free from royalties and copyrights , so they will be free to be used in any non-commersial product.

Just before we start building our game , we did a fast research to find out if there is any Ancient Greece based JRpg out there....No luck...So we had to draw and animate many things ourselves.

To be honest at the moment our games is less than 5% finished , which means we got a lot of hard work ahead us and we would appreciate any help provided by any of you.

What is this site?

Hello and welcome ,

Thats the official page of the under-development Pc game Glory of Greece

Soon we 'll upload some pictures and give some more info about the progress been made.

Glory of Greece will be a story-driven RPG , made in Rpg Maker VX Ace , based on the Greco-Persian Wars and the events that took place just before they begin and during them.

Our team has no past experience on game developing , but as long as we got this great tool in our hands , and a lot of passion for game making , we believe that our indie , truly amateurish game, will have lot of potential and interest.